A New and Alternative Way of Moving Teeth (NOT Traditional Braces, NOT Aligners)

di Peikar Mehdi

BRIUS is the third generation of orthodontic treatment methods after traditional braces and aligners. The teeth move independently, from the initial, directly to the final without a need for round-tripping, unlike traditional braces or aligners. In traditional braces, there is a slot size tolerance that makes the force application, inaccurate and inefficient. But with BRIUS, the exact amount of force is calculated and applied to the designated teeth. Also, power chain/O-ring force decay adds another level of inaccuracy to the traditional braces which are not independent movers. Force/moment application time in aligners is totally dependent on the compliance of the patient and is not in control of the clinician, unlike the BRIUS that is always there, applying light, controlled forces until it is removed! Unlike conventional brackets with unknown force decay, BRIUS can adjust the force moments individually for each tooth based on age, gender, and even ethnicity and periodontal problems to ensure application of required force moments to each tooth, no more, no less!

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